Pecan Cheese Squares


Our handmade cheese squares are a delicious blend of sharp cheddar cheese and toasted pecans. A hint of spice makes them addictive.

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In the south, everybody knows someone who makes the “best” cheese straws. Most events, cocktail spread, or just some snacks for watching TV at home, are enhanced by having cheese straws. My Mom had a great recipe that I took and made a few enhancements in order to come up with these pecan cheese squares. Using our family’s pecans, extra sharp cheddar, and just a hint of spice, these cheese squares are what my friends call, “cheese crack.” They are cheesy, buttery, and crisp with the added crunch of roasted pecans. They pair well with wine, with beer, Coke (or Pepsi, if you must), or just any libation. Put them in a bowl or on a charcuterie spread and watch the delight on your friend’s faces. These pecan cheese squares also freeze well. Simply place the container in the freezer and before you want to use them, take them out. They will thaw in 5 minutes. Keep them on hand for hostess gifts and they are ideal for corporate giving. Try one, we dare you to eat just one.

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