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Homemade Southern Pecan Squares & Shortbread

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Homemade Southern Pecan Squares and Shortbread
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Southern Style Pecan Squares
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Pecan Squares

Southern Pecan Cheese Squares

Here in the deep South, everybody knows someone who makes the “best” cheese straws. My mom was that someone for a lot of our neighbors. She had a great recipe that I may or may not have made a few changes to (thanks mom!), and now I present to you these amazing southern pecan cheese squares. Using our family’s heritage pecans, extra sharp cheddar cheese, and just a hint of secret spices, you can enjoy these ridiculously delicious cheese squares, or what my friends call, “cheese crack.” (Disclaimer: i assume no responsibility for your addiction to these treats.) These morsels are cheesy, buttery, and crisp, with the added crunch of our family’s roasted pecans. These squares pair well with whiskey, wine, beer, Coke (or Pepsi, if you must), or any legal (or illegal) libation. Put them in a bowl or on a charcuterie spread and watch them disappear. Your friends will definitely want the recipe. You can’t have mine, but you can point them to here if they develop an addiction. These cheese squares also freeze well so you can serve them immediately whenever unexpected parties erupt nearby. . They will thaw in 5 minutes. Keep them on hand for hostess gifts and they are ideal for corporate giving. You will instantly become everyone’s favorite friend.

Toffee Pecan Shortbread

These cookies bring together the buttery biscuit goodness of shortbread with the sweet burst of toffee bits and the roasted crispiness of our family’s pecans. These nuggets are two bites big, perfect for dunking. Their not-too-sweetness makes them ideal for after-dinner coffee and dessert. They are perfect with a cup of tea on the veranda. They will create magic in your mouth. These shortbreads are blessings in a box. Great for gifts to teachers, hostesses, or just a friend who needs a treat. Thank you for your patronage and from my family to yours, we hope you enjoy these southern treats with your own family and friends.

Pecan Shortbread

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Our Southern Roots

Our family are 5th generation pecan farmers.  On my Mother’s side of the family, is a long legacy of women who learned to use the bounty of the farm to make delicious meals and treats for our family. I still long to be able to eat my Grandmother’s green beans right out of the pot on the stove. I have come close, but never have fully replicated those garden fresh green goodness. My Grandmother, known as “Gingo,” used to just laugh when Putt and I would beg her to FedEX her dressing when we were away at school and not home for Thanksgiving….Continue Reading

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